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From Burnout to Balance: A Homeschooling Family’s Guide to Self-Care

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Recognising Burnout

I felt the need to touch base about something incredibly important, something that too often gets overlooked in our fast-paced world: managing burnout. As adults, we can sometimes see it creeping up on us, but how do we recognise it in our children, especially those following a home education path? Our lifestyle indeed grants us a closer connection to our children's personal growth, but it can also present its own challenges.

River is cuddling his dog Willow underneath a tumble of duvets and pillows, you can see daylight coming in through behind the blinds.
River and Willow our dog

The Need for a Change

Recently, my 12-year-old partner-in-crime and podcast to be co-host, River, hit an unexpected wall. His usual spark seemed to dim as he began showing signs of burnout. Recognising this, we both knew something needed to change - and quickly. So, we made a decision, a choice to trade our usual routine for the serene landscapes of Cornwall, a place that has always offered us grounding and the chance to reset our perspectives.

Emma is smiling with her red hair tied back and glasses on  hugging River who is also smiling wearing a black camo tee shirt with the dramatic sunset reflecting in the wet sand of the beach behind them with cliffland receding into the distance to the right.
Sunset on Polzeath Beach

Embracing Self-Care and Nurturing Ourselves

Recognising and nurturing ourselves when we need to recharge isn't just vital for our well-being; it's also a lesson in self-care we must pass on to our children. Homeschooling cultivates an environment where kids are encouraged to follow their dreams, setting them on a journey filled with adventure and learning. It's during these times of exploration that River and I both felt our social batteries nearing empty.

Life’s Unexpected Twists and Personal Journey

On our first day, I found myself making two new friends randomly as they parked u next to us in the car park on the beach. A random meeting of minds that ended in us three spending the day paddleboarding and we all shared local (gluten free for me) pizza at the end of the day - a delightful twist.

River, on the other hand, found calm in the cosy confines of our motorhome, indulging in his hobbies—video games, chatting with friends, and simply soaking in solitude. He needed rest and respite and I needed change, new friends and adventure. We both needed to be outside in nature.

It reminded us that self-care is a deeply personal journey and can differ vastly from one day to another.

Emma is facing the camera in her wetsuit on her paddleboards with two men in wetsuits each on their own paddleboards deep out at sea with Lundy island in the background on a beautiful sunny day with deep blue water.
Paddleboarding out with new friends

The Importance of Hitting Pause

Consider this: our hearts spend two-thirds of their existence in rest, with only one-third dedicated to beating. This rhythm, this balance between exertion and rest, is vital to our survival. It's not indulgence, it's a necessity.

I love this fact so much - we are biological beings whatever our belief systems are and we actually NEED to rest.

Resting in life is like taking a pause to sharpen the saw. Just as a lumberjack stops cutting down trees periodically to sharpen their saw and make the work more efficient - we too need rest to rejuvenate and maintain our effectiveness. It's not a sign of weakness but a smart strategy to ensure we can tackle life's challenges with a sharper, more focused mind and renewed energy.

Our Life’s Evolving Journey

Our life's journey, much like River's evolving experience at 12, is beautifully fluid. As a parent, I find immense joy in supporting him as he dives into his passions. Similarly, my own journey has been a labyrinth of shifting passions and rediscoveries. Our homeschooling always includes elements of self care whether it's a daily check in or a check that we still want to do the activity we have planned or changing the whole week dependent on the way we feel.

Embracing Dreams and Future Visions

Embracing my dreams means fostering a nomadic spirit, living every moment to the fullest, and building a business with life coaching that allows me to give back to the world, continue River's homeschooling journey and work remotely. This freedom will let us venture into new territories, from the cultural riches of Spain to the diverse landscapes of America and beyond.

Conclusion: Each Day is a Gift

As we move forward I remind myself that each day is a gift - uncertain yet filled with potential.

The magic of life lies in living every day like it's a brand new adventure.

Love and Adventure Always,


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