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From Chaotic Delays to Unexpected twists in travel : The Adventure of Our Missed Flight

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Dear diary,

I was fully prepared to write this blog post from scorching Granada, Spain in 40°C heat. Instead I am back on my sofa in Milton Keynes, England with grey drizzly skies.

Two bright coloured rucksacks on a grey reclining sofa, you can see snowboards on the wall above the sofa and a yellow cushion Love Lives Here between the bindings of a snowboard.
Packed bags

Our flight was scheduled for 9:20 this morning. We got up at 5:15, had breakfast and tea, and waited for our friend Dan to drive us to the airport.

However our usual life chaos ensued... The traffic at 6 am was worse than usual - even by the regular standards near London.

By 9 o'clock it was clear that we wouldn't make the flight. The boarding gates had closed at 8:40 am so after some calls and research we decided to turn around...

Google maps on a sat nav in a car showing lines of red traffic congestion en route on the motorway in England.
Car sat nav en route

Feeling a bit deflated after the extreme early wake-up, packing, and dealing with my torn muscle, I realised there was no point in dwelling on negativity. Perhaps the universe was nudging me to rest and recover with me deciding to go anyway - in the belligerent way I do - I let the universe to give me a slap round the face (proverbially speaking) and put me in a situation where I had no choice, but to go home sit down and rest.

Once back home I rescheduled our flight for Tuesday morning and resigned myself to having more time for my muscle to knit back together.

After a cup of tea I treated my daughter and her girlfriend to lunch at Wing Kingz (my absolute go to when I'm sad/tired/in need of a pep up) and embraced the time with the girls that I wouldnt have had if I was away in Spain already.

River is enjoying an unexpected extra weekend with his dad, indulging in VR and online chats with his friends. river decided not to come to lunch instead deciding to chill out at home by himself. This is a normal day for us and River at 12 often chooses now to take some time by himself.

In our adventurous and spontaneous and wild homeschooling life there's always a give-and-take. Most situations require an open mind and deep breaths so we are quite used to this kind of a day because our life s so often chaos but we embrace it.

We canceled the Granada leg of our trip to prioritise healing. It's a wise decision given my muscle's condition but I'm super sad to be missing out on seeing the Alhambra with River but we can travel there another time when we can make the most of the experience.

The Alhambra, located in Granada, Spain, is a breathtaking palace and fortress complex known for its stunning Moorish architecture and lush gardens. Built during the Nasrid dynasty, it offers a captivating blend of intricate geometric designs, intricate tilework and serene courtyards - making it a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-visit destination for history and art enthusiasts alike.

I will 100% take River to see this on another trip.

I'm still SO excited for the trip - despite exhaustion and a healthy dash of delirium I'll finish this update and rest, keeping my leg elevated and applying ice while I get my head around these unexpected twists in travel.

River is relaxing and chatting with friends online. He's better at doing nothing than I am—I have much to learn!

The adventure resumes on Tuesday - until then I will use the time to update you guys on our learning for the podcasting journey.

Love and adventure always,


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